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I Hope You Are Having A Refreshing Evening As
I Am Having Here Thinking Of You. Good Evening, Love.

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Inhale And Hold The Evening In Your Lungs. – Sebastian Faulks

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With An Evening Coat And A White Tie, Anybody, Even A Stockbroker,
Can Gain A Reputation For Being Civilized. – Oscar Wilde

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The Evening Of A Well-spent Life Brings Its Lamps With It. – Joseph Joubert

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Evenings Are The Beautiful Sweet Spot Between
The Harsh Light Of The Day And The Dead Darkness Of The Night

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The Lights Begin To
Twinkle From The Rocks;
The Long Day Wanes,
The Slow Moon Climbs
The Deep Moans,
Round With Many Voices
– Lord Alfred Tennyson

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The Evening’s The Best Part Of The Day. You’ve Done Your Day’s Work.
Now You Can Put Your Feet Up And Enjoy It. – Kazuo Ishiguro

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Evening Is Not The Time To Lock Ourselves In The House But Its The Time To Escape From A Materialist World’s Prison.– Red White Love

Follow The Rhythm Of Your Heart, Heart Takes You To The Destination, Where Your Goodness Dwells, Have A Happy Evening!

Friends Like You Are The Reason Why There’s Never A Sunset In My Life’s Happiness. Good Evening.

I Hope Our Friendship Always Remains As Beautiful And Breathtaking As A Picturesque Sunset. Good Evening

I Love You Beyond Anything Else In The World. It Is True, The Path Of Life Is Not Easy, But We Together Make It Beautiful. Good Evening


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